ABOUT RettGirl Alyssa

RettGirl Alyssa has a rare disorder called Rett Syndrome.  This disorder steals several of RettGirl Alyssa’s fine motor skills, as well as her voice, her mobility, and the ability to care for herself for all of her daily personal needs.


RettGirl Alyssa lives at home with her parents  in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.. Her older brother lives in Ohio, her younger sister lives an hour from her in Florida, Her older step-brother is stationed in the army at Ft. Bragg, NC and her older step sister lives in Hollywood, CA.  She also has a younger step-brother who watches over her from heaven.


Bringing awareness to Rett Syndrome ( https://www.rettsyndrome.org), RettGirl Alyssa’s parents wrote a book, My Eyes “CAN” Talk, which is the 1st book available in the book series, Adventures of a Rett Girl.


You can view all of the photos in the book in full color, as well as download the Color pages which are included in the book.  The Color pages were included in the book for enjoyment and interaction. Feel free to upload your favorite finished color page to be included in RettGirl Alyssa’s Color page Gallery here on the website.

ABOUT RettGirl Alyssa


Enjoy RettGirl Alyssa’s website!  Feel free to share her story, purchase each book in the series as they are available,  and contact her through her email: RettGirlAlyssa@RettGirlAlyssa.org

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